So you’re trying to sell this issue with surprise reveal from last issue, and a boring shot as well?

Spider-Man: The Manga #16

Marvel Comics (August, 1998)

WRITER/ARTIST: Ryoichi Ikegami

TRANSLATION: Mutsumi Masuda

RETOUCHING/PRODUCTION: Dan Nakrosis & Rob Kuzmiak

COVER DESIGN: Jeffrey Huang

EDITOR: Glenn Greenberg

After Rumi leaves due to his current problems (without her knowing that it’s being Spider-Man), Yu stumbles upon an attack, but gets mistaken for one of the attackers by the victim. However, he saw the face of one of the attackers, a popular kid on the Kendo team. Since he thinks nobody will believe him he takes the wrap and while the school hides what happened to save face word still gets around and he’s labeled a pervert. To attempt to find proof he decides to join the Kendo team himself, that Araki has also joined, and he’s not doing so well, when the captain takes his failure violently.

What they got right: While this may lead to another Japanese take on a Spidey villain later on (I don’t remember off-hand) we get to see how this Spider-Man handles a more street level non-supervillain case.

What they got wrong: So instead of Spider-Man being framed it’s his alter ego. Geez, Peter doesn’t get dumped on as much as Yu does.

What I think overall: Honestly I’m starting to lose interest in this series. It’s going into dark places I’d rather not go and watching the hero get dumped on and accused of crimes he’s not guilty of just isn’t fun.

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