This remake of Dexter’s Laboratory just isn’t working for me.

Robotech: Aftermath #10

Academy Comics, Ltd. (January, 1995)

“Four Eyes”


“Megaroad” stories has Scott Bernard and Rook Bartley leading a convoy of vehicles out into the post-Invid Earth to attempt to help rebuild the world. This differs from the Belmont stories, which I brought up in my twopart review of the “Threadbare Heart” collected trade.

I don’t know if it was a previous issue (possibly short the Eternity run) or something off-panel, but Scott’s team fails to rescue a refugee the general in charge of the old Military Police Academy colony calls “Four Eyes”. He says that the man was captured by a group of thugs led by a man named Saydros. Pretty much bullied into his rescue, Scott only takes a rogue member of his team, Lana Isavia (who apparently also goes by Nova Satori?) and her two muscle girls. The group learns that “Four Eyes” is an eye doctor named Spex Spencer, who is the only doctor around who can treat Saydros’ young daughter Carmel. Isavia attempts to betray Scott but Rook secretly snuck behind them and rescues everyone, Saydros asking Spex to take care of Carmel, even if it means he’ll never see her again. Meanwhile the general at the base, who really wanted Spex for his worth as a medical slave, is killed off in a coup by a friend of Isavia’s who promises the slaving in this area will be a thing of the past. The Megaroad team gets another doctor in exchange for treating the girl and Isavia gets confined to her room instead of kicked out of the group.

What they got right: As a story it’s fine. A group trying to undo the apocalypse sounds like a good series idea. I’m not sure why Scott thinks Isavia is still one of the good guys (girls) but if this isn’t a trend that makes Scott look like a moron for not leaving her and her two goons at the old Academy-turned-colony she might be interesting.

What they got wrong: I’m just not reading this and seeing the Robotech characters. Scott and Rook just can’t “sound” right in my head, while if this Isavia is supposed to be the actual Nova from the Second War…you really didn’t watch the show, did you Bruce?

What I think overall: It’s a good story that would have been better served as it’s own branding, and it’s the other problem I have with Aftermath along with the stuff in The Threadbare Heart. It’s a story that might have been better if it had been it’s own concept instead of slapping the Robotech name on it, and that’s always a shame.


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