The Powerpuff Girls have not had the best of luck when it comes to attempts to return. The 2016 reboot was cringy garbage, even anime fans don’t talk about Powerpuff Girls Z, which I bet most of you just heard about right now and I have yet to see because despite an English dub it got buried stateside alongside Ultraman: The Ultimate Hero, and the less said about the live-action attempt (which they’re redoing after negative response to the concept but ignoring the fact that this property doesn’t NEED a live-action attempt) the better.

However, it looks like they want to try again, this time bringing in Craig McCracken to hopefully do it right. While Genndy Tartakovsky launched the full show with Cartoon Network Studios, it actually began as part of a pilot contest by Cartoon Network, with a few more episodes made by McCracken for the shorts anthology The What A Cartoon Show for Hanna-Barbera. Will this finally be the version that makes the nostalgic happy while finding a new generation of fans for Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup? Let’s only hope so if this actually gets made.


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