Thanks, I’ll be sure to have a shotgun ready to welcome you.

Star Trek: Starfleet Academy #18

Marvel/Paramount Comics (May, 1998)

“mangHom qaD” (translates to “Cadet Challenge“; more on that later)

WRITER: Chris Cooper

PENCILER: Chris Renaud

INKER: Andy Lanning

COLORIST: Kevin Somers

LETTERER: Andy Lanning

EDITOR: Bobbie Chase



First Cadre is back, and unfortunately so is B’essa’al. Using dirty tricks she kills Krung and becomes the new leader of First Cadre. Too bad she’s as bad, if not worse given her actions, than he was. Now she wants to retain her honor lost when violating orders and attacking Omega Squadron, leading to Kamilah’s death. She believes that by finding the lost Sword Of Kahless she can restore her new charge’s honor, but it’s a trick by Omega Squadron to bring them in for the attack. Omega fights well enough until the arrival of Kovold, the Klingon Pava was involved with and the reason for B’essa’al’s jealous actions. Pava goes to confront him but a strange encounter at a dig seems to have left him in a rabid state.

What they got right: I guess Cooper considers this closure since this is the second to last issue. We do get to see this isn’t the Omega Squadron from before, and not just because of T’Prell’s new attitude and Edam’s addition to the group. I’m curious what role that weird find and what it did to Kovold will do to the final story. Also, will they cover that other loose end with the voice Nog heard that sounded like Kamilah? It was satisfying to see Pava turn B’essa’al’s mouth dagger trick against her. I swear, she’s worse than the Duras sisters. At least they’re entertaining. The only thing entertaining about her is Kovold clearly not wanting to refer to her as “my love”.

What they got wrong: Omega got lucky that it was First Cadre who heard the false rumor of the Sword Of Kahless here. They’re also taking advantage of a recovery mission they’re supposed to be on and I’m guessing acting on no orders, while First Cadre is only making their situation worse by attacking their allies since this is still deep in the Dominion War. As for the new crazy guy with the Trap Jaw mouth? Wouldn’t have missed him. Or B’essa’al really, but Pava needs to get her revenge and it was her jealous actions against Pava that led to that whole mess.

What’s Klingon for “Thanks, I’ll have a shotgun waiting to welcome you”?

What else is there: For some reason there are two editions of this comic, one done in Klingon. For the uninformed an actual Klingon language was created for 1979’s Star Trek: The Motion Picture which would be used for the Klingons in stories after that in movies and TV. It was created by an actual linguist for that special authenticity…for the five minutes in which it matters. Creatively it’s a rather odd movie, but that’s another discussion topic.

What matter here is for reasons I’m not fan enough to understand or care about learning that language was a big deal among Trekkies, die-hard Star Trek fans. There were even camps set up to learn the language and about Klingon honor and stuff. I don’t know if that still exists. It got to the point where a version of the Christian Bible was translated into Klingon…but someone explain to me how a language where “peace” was specifically not given a word can be translated into the New Testament, when one of the names for Jesus is “the Prince of peace”.

At any rate if you go looking for these comics make sure which version you’re getting. This comic has a Klingon language edition and no I’m not doing that stupid outplayed joke! It was humorous once in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, but writers since have buried it in the ground and still keep beating that poor horse. Let it rest in peace, you monsters! I don’t care if you don’t know what peace is, do it anyway or I’ll tell B’ess’al you were flirting with Kovold! While a dictionary featuring (I’m assuming) all of the words in the comic are in a section in the back along with the ad for a Klingon restaurant on DS9 that’s in both versions, unless you have that kind of time you don’t want to get the wrong copy. Otherwise it’s a novelty and not much else.

What I think overall: Outside of being able to remember it for this review I honestly have no need for the Klingon edition but the English edition is a good story as this last bit of unfinished business is resolved. We’ll see next issue if it was worth resolving though.


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