Yes, I know, ANOTHER Ultraman show, but as of this writing it is the last one in my backlog (though I haven’t started going through the Watch Later given my current YouTube backlog). This time we’re going back to the sixth Ultra show, which the intro will happily remind us, with Ultraman Taro.

Kotaro Higashi has travelled the world to become a boxer. He’s a man that if this pilot is to be believed may have more guts than sense. It doesn’t help that the flower he tries to plant turns into a monster that eats other monsters. When he gets himself fatally injured he’s brought to the Land Of Light to merge with Ultraman Taro, son of the Father and Mother of Ultra, and goes back to save the world alongside anti-monster group #6, the Zariba of All Territory, or “ZAT”. (An acronym that needs a translation.)

Bigger Ultra fans than myself can correct me but this series seems to actually bring us more Ultra lore as we learn about the royalty of the planet. Having only seen episode 1 myself (that backlog I mentioned plus a DVR full of stuff) I don’t know how much of it, but this is the first I’ve seen about the home and living of the Ultras. Enjoy.

Yes, one of their ground vehicles is apparently a clown car. “Panda Rabbit”. Geez.

As with previous Saturday Night Showcase Ultraman appearances (at least the more recent ones not hosted by Tsuburaya themselves) Ultraman Taro is available on Shout Factory TV’s Tokushoutsu streaming section and streaming channels, including their own live streaming app. It’s also on home video through Mill Creek Entertainment here in the US.


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