That’s some detailed artwork. It looks almost real.

Star Trek: The Next Generation – Riker

Marvel/Paramount Comics (July, 1998)

“The Enemy Of My Enemy”

WRITERS: Dan Abnett & Ian Edginton

PENCILER: Andrew Currie

INKER: Art Nichols


LETTERER: Chris Eliopoulos

EDITOR: Tim Tuohy

A disgraced Will Riker joins up with the Maquis, upset at the treatment of his transporter created “brother”, Thomas who is now in the hands of the Cardassians even after the war with the Dominion. Joining Ro Laren’s group he learns she made a deal with disgraced Klingon K’nera to steal information on the Genesis device (K’nera being a descendent of Kruge), which Ro doesn’t realize could double as a weapon. Realizing her mistake she and Riker work to stop K’nera while Picard tells the rest of the crew that Riker is actually a plant intended to sniff out what Ro and K’nera were up to. She appears to sacrifice herself to blow K’nera’s ship up but manages to escape on a shuttle as Riker is brought back to Enterprise-E when they come to rescue him and stop K’nera.

What they got right: The story overall is pretty good. Riker does a good job with his infiltration, the new tracking system is an interesting idea, and seeing Will and Ro together is always interesting. Plus this gets tied back to Star Trek III: The Search For Spock without being just there for the nostalgia, even if that is part of why the story exists.

What they got wrong: Riker’s questioning Starfleet at the end feels tacked on. Yes, they faked the Genesis info being available as part of the sting operation and I could see Riker not being as gung-ho against the Maquis since they’re extremists not because of their cause but their methodology. However, unless he really has been trying to contact Thomas I don’t see what his actual issue is to the point that he’s questioning everything he believes in.

What I think overall: It’s a really good solo outing for Riker, or rather a good reunion with Ro Laren.


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