And yet the news story is literally about Ken Penders’ next Sonic special.

Sonic The Hedgehog #27

Archie Comics (October, 1995)

“A Scrambled Hedgehog”

WRITER: Ken Penders

PENCILER: Art Mawhinney

INKER: Rich Koslowski

COLORIST: Barry Grossman

LETTERER: Mindy Eisman

EDITOR: Scott Fulop

An injury during a secret message recovery in Robotropolis causes Sonic to lose his memory, and Robotnik takes advantage by convincing him they’re working together against the “evil” Princess Sally and her freedom fighters. The confused hedgehog tries to find his way to Knothole village while his confused friends try to stop him since he’s got a tracking device on him. Despite their best efforts, Sonic makes his way to the Freedom Fighter headquarters, and a confrontation with his former allies.

What they got right: The plot idea is one done before but the set-up for it is mostly decent.

What they got wrong: The jokes continue to miss for me, including the fact that two of their informants are named after rappers of the time: the detective Sleuth Dawggy-Dawg and the kangaroo Kicks-A-Lot.

What I think overall: A lot of these early issues I got in back issue and frankly I’m disappointed that it doesn’t match up to the later stories that were sticking to the continuity (until Penders decided to be a donkey’s butt) without trying to mix elements of both of DIC’s Sonic cartoons.


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