Spoilers for a few episodes for those of us in the US because Disney Plus or Disney Junior hasn’t posted/aired them yet.

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There are two episodes that could use some focus as well. “Bumpy And The Wise Wolfhound” is my favorite (yes, I’m almost 50 and have no kids, what of it?) from both a creative and relatable standpoint. (See the previous parentheses.) Bingo is in the hospital, and while I was an adult for my first long hospital stay I can relate to how she felt, even with her mum staying with her. Then to cheer her up Bluey and as much of the cast as they could logically work in make a movie that shows that being sick is just something that happens and usually you get better. It’s a great message for any kid in the hospital or just really sick but will recover. Creatively they animate it like a bunch of rank amateurs making a movie on a cellphone or something, which just adds to the presentation.

“Double Babysitters” introduces Bandit’s brother Rad, who works on an oil rig and so doesn’t see the family as often, and Chilli’s friend Frisky. Reading between the lines of 20 Questions and the bedtime game they play with the girls, they hint that Frisky had a boyfriend who left her (possibly running off with another woman) and she’s not ready to date again despite an attraction to Rad (and in a later episode they do indeed get married). This is how you tell a story that both kids and adults can get something unique out of and this show is proof that “it’s just a kids show” is NEVER AN EXCUSE FOR CRAP WRITING! This is meant for preschoolers and yet is better written with more heart and detail than some grown-up shows I could mention plus it’s creative and fun. The creators of Bluey clearly want to make a good TV show, not just a good kids show, and thus succeeds at both. That’s why as an adult I totally love this show


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