Now if I can get a crossover with Luigi it’d be the best video game comic ever! (Depending on the writer.)

Tails #1

Archie Comics Publications (December, 1995)

“Southern Crossover” part 1

WRITER: Mike Gallagher (also penciler on Tails’ comic book)

PENCILER: Dave Manak

INKER: Harvo

COLORIST: Barry Grossman

COVER ART: Patrick Spaziante & Harvo


LETTERER: Mindy Eisman

EDITOR: Scott Fulop

Still upset at his treatment by the other Freedom Fighters, Tails stocks the secretly working Sea Fox submarine and heads off to investigate Robotnik’s new plan to invade Downunda. However, he’s caught spying on the disguised blimp and attacked by Octobot, who drags him under. Luckily Tails is rescued by the Forty Fathoms Freedom Fighters, a group of underwater animals who oppose Octobot and helps Tails get to Downunda since the sub is scuttled. Meanwhile, Robotnik’s other underboss, Crockbot, is planning to double-cross Robotnik.

What they got right: Tails really gets to show off what he can do, even if it isn’t easy for him. We’re also expanding the Archie version of Mobius (the name Sonic’s world was called at the time, at least by Archie and the two DiC shows that influenced the comics back then) with other Freedom Fighter groups beyond the group in Knothole and Robotropolis.

What they got wrong: Crockbot’s intro was somewhat clunky.

What I think overall: Given my usual issues with Gallagher’s writing style (personal preference more than a real critique), I’m really enjoying what he’s doing with my favorite Sonic character. It’s too bad he didn’t get to do a Tails ongoing, like we would get with Knuckles’ solo comic.


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