I’d like to see her try to wear that broach.

Star Blazers: The Magazine Of Space Battleship Yamato #8

Argo Press (October, 1996)

“Icarus” finale



no letterer credited

COVER ART: Tim Eldred & Bruce Lewis

Realizing his suit is out of power and he screwed up by taking a red-marked suit, Sandor accepts his coming demise. However, Stasha finds the Iscardium broach, which allows her to not only see her mother’s spirit, but use the powers from the Iscardian side of her heritage to travel into space and find Sandor, Zeke rescuing them from a spacy death. This is Stasha’s test and willing to save others at risk to herself finally makes her an adult. Sandor recovers and years later the now grown-up Stasha joins the Star Force, even though her dad won’t be happy when he finds out. Meanwhile, the president is briefed on a man found alive, possibly due to the Cosmo DNA…because it’s Captain Avatar! This leads into Be Forever Yamato.

What they got right: The story is handled well. Sandor accepts his own mistake but Stasha finds a way to save him. I don’t know a lot about the show so I don’t know if Iscardian women were shown to have such powers but I like the effect used for her powers and Starsha’s ghost.

What they got wrong: Why are they bringing Avatar back to life? Yes, it may have something to do with the movie about to be adapted, but then I have the same question for the movie. I thought his story was over. Sadly the article section doesn’t give me an answer.

What I think overall: This was their solo story, without any influence from the previous stories outside of history, and the result is quite good, though again I have only seen a couple episodes of the TV series. I did enjoy it though, and the art is beautiful.


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