“Okay, who broke the asteroid?”

Star Blazers: The Magazine Of Space Battleship Yamato #11


Argo Press (May, 1997)

“Be Forever Yamato” part 3: “Trial By Fire”


ARTIST: Tim Eldred


Derek is angry they left without Nova, so Dr. Sane has no choice but to kill him. Well, not really kill, but use a chemical to induce a fake death on the whole crew so the Dark Nebulans will THINK they’re dead. Back on Earth Alex gives his life to allow General Singleton to escape the occupying Dark Nebulan forces. The invaders have placed a bomb that will destroy any lifeform with a nervous system, which Singleton manages to warn the Star Force about as they arrive on Icarus and board the Yamato. Their best hope is to either find the bomb’s trigger or the enemy homeworld and keep them from activating the bomb.

What they got right: Again, not having seen Be Forever Yamato, there’s some really good action, aided by good art. The threat is great but the heroes, though down, are rising to the challenge.

What they got wrong: At this time I’m not sure why Sandor introduces Stasha to Derek as Sandor’s niece Mio. You’d think Derek would like to know his niece survives after learning of Alex’s death so I’m not sure what the point is.

Other notes: There is a solicit for issue #12, but possibly due to the financial troubles from less than profitable sales that caused the “Analyzer” magazine section to end, I’m guessing they couldn’t afford it. However, tune in tonight because thanks to the internet we can find out what happens next.

What I think overall: I hope that’s also the end of the story because this is getting good and I don’t know how I can watch the actual movie because I believe it’s behind paywalls on streaming services. I do wish they could have made at least one more issue, but at least now we’ll find out how this ends.

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