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A couple of minor notes. The origin of Two-Face and the Statue Of Freedom came out of the comics, New York being an influence on the design of Gotham City pre-Burton. The art changes in Batman’s show as I heard it was because it was being aired on Kids WB now with Superman: The Animated Series as The New Batman/Superman Adventures, and they wanted to reflect the show they were already airing rather than the one they were taking from another network. The Schumacher connection is not one I’ve heard but considering the lack of thought by executives I wouldn’t be surprised. This is also why the fancy title cards were dropped from Batman: The Animated Series and The Adventures Of Batman & Robin and why Bruce no longer used a different voice as Batman in The New Batman Adventures. (Something else I’ve heard but never confirmed is that Kids WB didn’t want to pay for the extra voice as the actors’ agent demanded even though it was technically the same character, which is also why Tim Daly didn’t use a “Clark Kent” voice like other Superman actors before him like Bud Coyer and Beau Weaver.)

Also, anyone else want to see that Bane DCAU movie get made? And for the record, I like of like the second Robin suit Schumacher had designed, just not on Robin/Nightwing. I used to have the Halloween costume until it fell apart.


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