“Well, I guess it’s enough light to read by.”

Star Power #1

self-published comic, no company name (February, 2013)

WRITER: Michael Terracciano

ARTIST: Garth Graham

read along with me here

Danica Maris is an astronomical lab assistant on the research space station Sanctuary Six. During one session of stargazing her eye is drawn to MTC 235, the annoyance of her boss, Dr. Brightman. However, Danica’s interest leads to the star she nicknames “Mitch” coming to her quarters and bathing her in light, transforming her into a space warrior just as a group of mercenaries known as the Void Angels blow up her room. Using her new powers she manages to run them off, which interests the station’s security chief because of her powers. Brightman is more interested in her ability to travel space without a suit, but their argument is stopped when they realize military and science would both love a piece of her…possibly literally. While security erases all trace of her new abilities Danica is given a short interactive report by something tied to her powers. She learns she’s part of a legacy of Star Powered Sentinels, who fought the eight previous “wormhole invasions” but now she is the last of the Sentinels, simply the Star Power. As she tries to figure out what happens next and get more answers the Void Angels answer to their boss, who sends more back-up for their current employer, the countess of the NINTH wormhole.

What they got right: Wow, that was a lot of story to summarize in 24 pages. Take note, mainstream comics! In that time we get introduced to three main characters (technically four but that’s still to come), the villains, the powers, the most important backstory parts for this issue to draw you to the next one, and without anything feeling rushed or needing to use large panels for the artist to show off. It does what it needs to do, takes the time to do it right, and looks good doing it.

What they got wrong: You’d think with all the extra space used I’d have more to say than “one balloon was a bit too dark to read the words easy” but I don’t. That was the only flaw. First issues grade on a curve because they have to work the origin in but this does that far too well.

What I think overall: I’ve discussed this comic in the past as I was introduced to it at a ConnectiCon and started following the online version. It’s a really good comic, combining superhero and sci-fi elements in a great way and you should totally check it out if you get the chance. After this first arc they went to graphic novels because it’s easier to produce as an pair of indie creators but you can order the trades through their store, or just read the webcomic. Either way it’s worth checking out and I can at least go over the existing issues I have.


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