“I didn’t eat the last jelly donut!”

Captain America #3

Marvel (March, 2005)

“Out Of Time” #3

WRITER: Ed Brubaker

ARTISTS: Steve Epting & Michael Lark

COLORIST: Frank G. D’Armata

LETTERER: Randy Gentile

ASSISTANT EDITORS: Andy Schmidt, Nicole Wiley, & Molly Lazer

EDITOR: Tom Brevoort

In Paris, Mother Night wants confirmation of Red Skull’s passing, not believing he’s gone.  Then someone shows up and kills everyone, stealing their bomb before Cap, Sharon, and SHIELD arrive.  Later, Steve sees another false memory from his World War II days. They manage to recover the bomb from a group of AIM agents, who deny taking part in the shooting and just wanting their bomb design back. As Steven and Sharon discuss their interest in Paris, someone shoots Jack Monroe, the second Nomad, and takes his body away.

What they got right: The mystery of who is killing Skull and his people heats up, and hopefully has a satisfying conclusion. For all my issues with the modern over-decompression, Brubaker does take a good moment to flesh out Steve’s history in World War II and go over how the French resistance didn’t surrender like the government did and how Cap respects that. Felt like a shot again Mr. “Does This A Stand For France” over in the Ultimate universe and any potshots taken at The Ultimates, even it’s just a perception on my part, is okay with me.

What they got wrong: Still not into the darker coloring. And while it may work into the story later somehow right now I can’t see Nomad’s death as anything but another lower-tier shock death and I’m so tired of that at this point.

What I think overall: The story is still interesting but it’s not the kind of tale I personally would seek out.

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