On the upside I don’t have to worry about that. On the downside it’s because I can’t afford new comics.

A temporary victory for us both. Also, I had to use the alternate set-up on my main computer to do the comic this week with the “artputer” still on the DL. I spent this week doing a huge step in the comic organizing mega-project this week, which I chronicled over at The Clutter Reports

  • Day 1Spent the day organizing all of the “S” titles, separating the Sonic comics because I need to review those.
  • Day 2: Did the same with the “T” titled comics, taking out those I still need to review on this site. The others (U-Z) I actually did last Sunday when I decided this was needed.
  • Day 3Started to put some of the comics into their new storage arrangement when I realized the Sonic comics were all screwed up and had to spend the day organizing them in the proper order. This was difficult when all the sorting space was already filled with comics. Apparently I did something wrong while putting them away.
  • Day 4: Worked on the Transformers comics and more adjusting the new arrangement.
  • Day 5: This being the closest thing to heavy labor I’ve done since the surgeries were finished and the hernia removed so I can lift things again, I may have overdone it this week and needed to go slow on this day. Still, got some things done. Shoulder’s still hurting but on this day I was so sore I couldn’t sleep well the night before.
  • Day 6The final day, and I was able to get the Transformers comics mixed into the rest of the collection because it no longer makes sense keeping them apart. Everything is mixed in properly, with the comics I still need to review kept separate so I can review them. This means another one of these in the future but for now I’m all set.

EDIT FROM A WEEK LATER: I gave this strip the wrong number. I fixed the title on the comic, the post, and even the permalink.

As for this week, regular articles return, more Chapter By Chapter reviewing of TekWar, and the daily comic reviews are back! Have a good week, everyone!


About ShadowWing Tronix

A would be comic writer looking to organize his living space as well as his thoughts. So I have a blog for each goal. :)

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