Yes, another exciting adventure with Capt^in AmeOa!

Captain America #5

Marvel Comics (May, 2005; as featured in the digital trade version of Winter Soldier Ultimate Collection)

“Out Of Time” part 5

WRITER: Ed Brubaker

ARTISTS: Michael Lark & Steve Epting

COLORIST: Frank D’Armata

LETTERER: Randy Gentile

ASSISTANT EDITORS: Molly Lazer, Andy Schmidt, & Nicole Wiley

EDITOR: Tom Brevoort

Cap meets with Fury to compare notes. He learns of a connection to Col. Vasily Karpov, a Russian soldier he met in 1942. Cap, Bucky, Namor, the original Human Torch, and Toro were taking part in tracking down a Nazi superweapon, but Karpov’s methods didn’t sit well with Steve. Karpov believed he needed to be hard, which he showed when it came to his men (and later to a young survivor of the village the weapon was stored in). The Red Skull, knowing he was outnumbered, used the weapon as a distraction, destroying the village, while the Nazi super soldier Master Man distracted the flying heroes. However, Karpov is supposedly dead and yet Cap is convinced this is personal, and the company involved in recent affairs is named after that village. He also tells Fury about his memories being rewritten and requests a hyperjet to confirm his memories. What Nick doesn’t tell him is that he’s looking into a project called Winter Soldier.

What they got right: Neat to see at least some of the Invaders in action. Whatever my personal tastes are with the darker colors I have to admit critically that it does help with the atmosphere. We also see Cap and Bucky in their war days versus Captain America now as a superhero.

What they got wrong: They retconned Bucky as being an advanced scout and trained killer even before becoming…well, most you know what’s coming. The second movie was all about adapting those events. It might make more sense to modern readers but seeing young Bucky slit a Nazi’s throat had to hurt somebody’s childhood memories of the Young Allies leader.

What I think overall: Not really the kind of stories I go for personally, but as a critic it’s very well told and has the proper atmosphere. I’m still enjoying this arc. Curious when it’s going to end though.


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