Well, that will prove to the guys at the bar he was a superhero.

Captain America #7

Marvel Comics (July, 2005)

“The Lonesome Death Of Jack Monroe”

WRITER: Ed Brubaker

ARTIST: John Paul Leon

COLORIST: Frank G. D’Armata

LETTERER: Randy Gentile

ASSISTANT EDITORS: Andy Schmidt, Nicole Wiley, & Molly Lazer

EDITOR: Tom Brevoort

An interlude to the current storyline focusing on Jack Monroe’s last days before being killed…and I’m sorry but whatever passes for professional on this site is about to go out the window. This story was so unnecessary and unnecessarily depressing I’m sorry I read it. Look, you already killed the former Nomad II, did you have to dump on him as well?

Monroe was the first not-Bucky Bucky, as in the first replacement under the 50s Captain America since retconned to be an impostor fanboy. Apparently the fake Super Soldier serum made them crazy for a while, attacking innocent people thinking they were bad guys until a cure was found. However, after various events in Jack’s life that serum is breaking down and he’s having the same delusions as he starts dying from the results of those events. He’s attacking innocent people under the belief that he’s a drug dealer but we learn later he’s just a normal ice cream man. Meanwhile Jack is having visions of Bucky chastising him for replace him, blackouts lasting for weeks and months, and waking up in situations he doesn’t remember starting. Finally it seems like the story is forced to end his misery by having him shot and stuffed in a trunk.

Wasn’t it enough that they killed a former superhero? Did Brubaker really need to make his life so terrible that his death by bullet was actually the better alternative than dying from the serum, nanites, whatever happened to him as Scourge, blackouts, unknowingly attacking innocent people that he sees as criminals instead of ordinary people (for example he sees a group of businessmen as a biker gang he thinks is working for the drug dealer), and racked with self-doubt? Was this story an inspiration for Tom King’s template to ruin heroes?

I hate this story. The art’s okay and it’s told well enough on a technical level, but I hate what it does to Jack Monroe and I barely know the character. I imagine someone who was a fan would despise this story. Again, was this story necessary? No, no it wasn’t. It wasn’t enough to toss out the character, Brubaker also had to destroy him first so that death was the better alternative and it speaks to my problem with modern alleged “superhero” stories. A new storyline starts next issue, focusing on the Winter Soldier and it has to be less depressing than this crap! I’ve given the writer credit for at least crafting a good story if not something I’m interested but there is no reason for this story to exist.


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