At least Tarzan doesn’t know about “women driver” jokes.

Tarzan #24

Marvel Comics Group (May, 1979)

Interestingly, this version of the cover (just the diamond is different as it’s a box on the regular cover) is referred to by the Grand Comics Database as the “Witman” cover. I know Witman did reprints of DC Comics but it replaced the DC logo with a Witman logo. (I’ve reviewed a couple comics from those reprints.) There is no indication here so I don’t know where they get their info from.

“Epilogue!” and “Jane’s Story”

WRITER: Bill Mantlo

ARTISTS: Sal Buscema & Bob Hall

COLORIST: Bob Sharen

LETTERER: Clem Robins

EDITOR: Allen Algrom

The first story is just as it says; an epilogue to whatever the previous story arc was. All I know is Tarzan and a Frenchman fighting for the cause of socialism, a concept Tarzan knows nothing about (insert your own political commentary here…in your mind, not the comments) is saying goodbye to people they’re leaving behind in Pellucidar, an actual place in the novels I believe but seldom used out of it. I think only one TV series used it but that’s not the one of the ones I’ve watched. Apparently the gateway was widened by some slaver known as the “Mad Arab” so when they get home as the only survivors or people not staying behind because she found a mate, Tarzan and Pierre LeClerc blow the mine up and bury the portal. Pierre goes on to fight for socialism (not even kidding, that’s the cause they give him) and Tarzan goes home to his wife.

This is just tying up the loose ends of the previous story. Admittedly I’m curious what the full story is but this is the only issue I ever got because I’m not a huge Tarzan fan. I’m pretty sure this came in one of those 3 for the price of 1 bags they used to sell at various stores. (Even Sears had them at one point.) Probably not the best story to start in but as spoilers go it actually does make you want to see the full story. That’s a rarity.

I guess starting the next arc here was due to having half a comic to work with. Jane investigates a brush fire but determines the estate will be fine and the fire itself won’t cause any serious damage. Tell that to the stampeding animals about to run off a gorgue, and Jane doesn’t know the fires were set by poachers. She manages to chase off all the animals except for one rhino that’s headed right for her, and she figures better him than hurt. Except the shot only wounds him long enough to send the jeep and driver over the ravine…and one of the poachers who has a conscience finishes the rhino off before recognizing Jad-Bal-Ja as the lion companion of Tarzan…and that means that they killed Tarzan’s wife just as the jungle lord reaches his home.

As a start to the next storyline it works very well. Is Jane dead? Will the poacher’s boss and his excited lady friend realize just how screwed they are? I don’t have the next issues but this does make me interested in that story as well.

This may or may not be the comic to come in on depending on your perspective. It does a good job of finishing the previous story and starting the next one but it’s not really a story on its own because of it.


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