I was once part of a group fan project creating a virtual fourth season of the original Transformers cartoon that continued on from “The Rebirth”. My story would have explored a Nebulan religion I made up with the theme of spiritual faith’s positive contributions to society. Part of the project was to keep it something you’d see in this 80s cartoon made for kids to sell robots. It’s not like the cartoon didn’t explore religion in the past, like Astrotrain being a false god or “Face Of Ninjika”. It didn’t push any one religion, and mine did not completely reflect my Christian beliefs but it was an interesting plot, or so I thought. Sadly the project fell through and I never finished anything more than the basic framework of the plot.

So I know that creating a fake religion, even in a project for kids you don’t want to push towards the occult or something, is not an easy task. However, if you’re going to have one you’d best know how to make it work in your world since it’s part of your world’s culture. Author Caroline Furlong goes over one book seriesThe Spirit Animals and how it created the concept of a religion but didn’t really follow through with making it work beyond existing.


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