What do you say, folks? Want to see the players tackle some more cliches?

I like doing “Jake & Leon Players” strips. It enforces the fact that it’s a “skit” comic instead of the usual breaking of the fourth wall and gives me something else to do with the characters. However, most of the story-type skits I come up with work better with generic people or the characters needed for a parody. This could be a good recurring bit (like the Power Rangers parodies) to use the Players for.

The idea for this one actually came from watching my Reviewers Unknown colleague “Test Zero” do “Let’s Plays” where he would tell enemies in the game something like “come here, I want to kill you”. It got me thinking about how characters in various media tells people to come here and die, usually the villain, and why they think that would work. Or in this case, what would happen if it did.

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