Sadly this is the last time I can make fun of Angel Grove.

This was kind of the finale for the so-called “Zordon” era of Power Rangers and maybe I should have done something major. However, this was the last opportunity I had to make fun of the fact that these kids got away with doing a lot for high schoolers. We only met the original Rangers’ parents once (except for Tommy’s, whom we never met at all, and Kimberly’s, who popped up again one or two times) and one thing you had to wonder was how much the parents knew about what their kids are doing.

This is especially true of the Space Rangers, since they were LEAVING THE ENTIRE PLANET, possibly for days on end. We didn’t see them graduate and in Turbo they were still in high school. I can only imagine this was how they spent their summer, or they have the worst parents ever!

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