Pick your poison, people.

The main reason that Jake & Leon will not be collected (beyond little proof anyone reads the online version) is that things are often topical for the time it was made and would only be interesting to a small number of people at the time. For example, here Doug “Nostalgia Critic” Walker was trying to balance doing his regular series with editing and preparing his fourth year anniversary movie, To Boldly Flee. His solution was doing crossovers with other Channel Awesome/That Guy With The Glasses reviewers who may or may not be in said movie and are not the “top tier” talent of the site. (But still good enough to be there.) They did the bulk of the review and he would adjust for his character and add his personal opinion of the movie being reviewed.

However, there was a vocal group of fans who were growing unhappy with so many crossovers and just wanted the Critic reviewing on his own like usual. That would mean either dropping the movie or putting out so late it might be the fifth anniversary. Personally, I was fine with it as it gave other CA members a chance to be on the flagship show of the site as well as giving Doug time to edit the film, make scheduled convention appearances, and still do a weekly review, plus these shows he might not have reviewed otherwise. That’s where this comic came in.

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