It’s was a good part of MY childhood; why deny the current generation?

This week a report came out that Landmark Entertainment, who produced the original Captain Power & The Soldiers of the Future series, would return to that world, only titling the series Phoenix Rising Part of me would really like to see this show. As a kid I really enjoyed it. It’s like a family-friendly version of the Terminator franchise, just as Power Rangers RPM would do many years later. The problem is that this wouldn’t be the first time an all-ages production was brought back with only the original audience grown up in mind, rather than the original target. While I hope they make this series as good as its predecessor, I’m still worried that the kids aren’t going to get the kind of show we did and that would be a shame.

I actually penciled this comic in my car at work since it’s the only time I had to work on the comic this week. Had to fix more in the inking stage than usual.

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