Seldom has a comic company gone so far to ruin good characters.

Cartoon Network suddenly put their “DC Nation” programming block on hiatus. Some fans believed this was because the current Batgirl in Young Justice was Stephanie Brown. Although one should note that Barbra Gordon has already been shown to be the same age as Dick Grayson, who is Nightwing in the “5 years later” season 2 of YJ.

There were other instances of DC wiping out Steph in favor of Barbra, including the Smallville comic and one Halloween costume in a kids comic that isn’t in the New 52 continuity. So even if DC Nation wasn’t called off on account of Stephanie Brown, they’re still trying to wipe her out of existence, along with fellow ex-Batgirl Cassandra Cain, Wally West (also in Young Justice, and Connor “Green Arrow” Hawke, all of whom appear in panel 3.

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