The sad part is hasn’t met his new mechanic, either. I hear she’s a master.

It wasn’t too long after people were talking about “fake geek girls” than an episode of CBS’s The Big Bang Theory aired an episode in which the female characters entered a comic book store and if the ads are to be believed it was so shocking! Heck, two of the three women are as much a “geek” (or Hollywood’s constant misinterpretation) as the boys which makes this even dumber. This weird idea that females have no interest in animated shows, comic books, superheroes, video games, and the like is just really stupid.

And yes I did make a strip defending “girl games” but those are video games intended for girls who may not be interested in zombie shooter games. There’s something for everyone in every medium, even comics as the independent publishers are willing to try genres previously and still ignored by the “big boys”. Bleeding Cool even posted comments by women who go into comic stores. Some geeks have even touched a female before and lived to tell the tale. One wonders how long we’ll remain the butt of the joke.

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