Someday I’m going to think of a comic that could have used that title better. And I will have wasted it here.

I don’t watch a lot of cop shows, but when I do catch one, the murderer (because that’s the only crime that exists unless it’s also a legal drama–meaning Scooby-Doo have more variety) fakes having nothing to do with it until the detective shows him or her that crucial piece of evidence that they can’t talk their way out of. Then he/she goes on and on about secretly hating the person, and gives the audience…I mean cops…the full method used to kill the other person and attempt to hide the evidence. It’s almost forumlaic, but I don’t think every show does that. Just the ones I see.

I wish I gave myself more time to do backgrounds, but I’m still trying to commit myself to a schedule for projects that gets interrupted by the paying job’s floating schedule. At least when I get enough hours to actually make a decent paycheck from. The week of this strip was more getting ready for ComiCONN and taking part in a joint-site topic collaboration, so time wasn’t my friend. I came up with the concept almost last-minute so it’s not bad under those circumstances. Except for the choice in wall texture coloring for the “cop show” skit. That’s where I really needed the background but I didn’t have time to decide where they would be during the confession.

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