No, that’s not why I read it. Besides, she’s barely in this issue.

This time I used a Sharpie ultra-fine marker* (even I’m smart enough not to use a “regular” sized marker), with I think a slightly bigger tip than the Micron I used last comic (“02”, if that means anything to anyone). I think the lines actually came out better this time.

Trying to get the sign and statue the same in all four panels (or even the second one) turned out to be beyond my current artistic talents (or lack thereof), so I just copy/pasted the images from the first one and altered where needed. Yes, I cheated, but at least I didn’t use the brick texture from the last comic. 🙂 I did, however, mess up the wood texture when I did the empty bookcase (maybe he just got it?). I need to check my PSPro settings because I seem to have less undos than I recall having.

I also need a better font, but I haven’t found a decent one that works at that size. Even with this one I had to play games to get the “i” and “s” to look like separate letters in one balloon.

I also made an attempt to fit in every comic I reviewed that week, the final of October 2009. Note they’re discussing Buck Rogers #5, with one of those Batman neon light things on the wall (B:TBATB), and a rather poor Muppet statue thing (Muppet Peter Pan) on the bookshelf (I’ll never harp on Roger Langridge’s “Kermit” character model ever again–maybe). Jake has on a Spider-Man shirt (MA: Spidey) and Leon is wearing a “Shazam!” shirt (Billy Batson).

(*doesn’t quite resemble the one I have)

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