Hawkgirl at least had animated success.

All the talk on the internet about how Wonder Woman deserves her own movie is true [UPDATE: She’s finally getting one], although if Nolan’s in charge I’m not so sure. Anyway, Huntress and Power Girl were the examples I’ve chosen for how not every DC heroine gets Linda Carter to make them cultural figures and awesome. Huntress had Birds Of Prey but while liked it they really got the character wrong. I haven’t seen Arrow but I’m not hearing positive things about her there. If it wasn’t for Batman: The Brave & The Bold she’d be doing really bad in the non-comic translation department.

That’s still more than Power Girl has had. As far as I recall she was in one episode of Justice League Unlimited where she was, as noted, an evil Supergirl clone created by Cadmus. While it was a good episode, Karen Starr deserves better.

And yes, I ripped off….I mean paid homage to the Superman/Batman cafe bit from How It Should Have Ended.

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