Hey, I finally got to use the newsdesk!

Did you hear about this story? A woman was streaming her game online when two armed men broke in, hoping to drag her and her roommate to an ATM to steal all of their money. (It’s the new rage among criminals.) But what they didn’t count on was that she was on camera and nobody thought it was a fake so they called the cops who stopped the bad guys. According to the linked story one got away but hopefully he’ll get nabbed soon.

It’s nice to see modern technology work in our favor. For once, sharing your lives with the world saved these women’s lives.

Also we finally got to use the Jake & Leon newsdesk. This is what I want to use it for, to comment on events that don’t bring up a skit in my head but still don’t have enough material for me to make a full article for. Now I just need to see something for the commentary podium.

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