I knew I forgot something this week.

Just a comic acknowledging that I was on vacation that week. One thing I wanted to make sure of (what with the fourth-wall breaking that takes place) is that readers know that the characters are actors in a “show”, and that this wasn’t a case of characters that occasionally break the fourth wall for the heck of it. They’re “hired” to do a set of skits, but are given a profile like Jake being a cartoonist. (Not sure what I want to give Leon, maybe a critic of some kind.) I also have some backstory for them in my head that may or may not appear in the future.

I’m also thinking of expanding the cast, giving them other people to play off of besides a few one-shoters.

This is the first Jake & Leon comic to use some of the techniques for coloring and texting a comic that I found online. (See BW Progress Report #3.) I think it worked out rather well. However, I think I’m going back to using open circles for the eyes instead of coloring the eye “dots”. It doesn’t look good after all.

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