The obligitory joke for a no-4th Wall comic.

Ringo from Crossoverlord is back because the aforementioned comic had ended it’s story, with the possibility of a future spin-off. (Crossoverlord was itself a spin-off of a similar comic, Crossover Wars). When going through my old strips I found that with Ringo’s dialog I had used a different word balloon and left the stroke active (for those of you who know what that means) to show that he was a multidimensional being. But now that I’ve been making my own balloons instead of sticking with Paint Shop Pro’s I had to do something different in keeping with the previous strip. I tried a few different filters and eventually settled on the Brush Stroke to give the balloon an “otherworldly” effect.

If you’ve read the comic, you’ll note that Ringo is actually larger than the other characters, while here they’re smaller than Jake and Leon. Why did I do that? I’m an idiot. 🙂

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