I’d say go watch the show and check for yourself, but they had the show taken down because of one flag on the roof.

I try to avoid politics when I can because this is a storytelling analysis site. However, politics got into storytelling. In this case, when a racist murderer shot up a black church draped in the Confederate flag, the people who have been against the flag (even though it has a different meaning to Southerns now than it did then) succeeded in pulling the flag from everywhere they could. This meant even going after The Dukes Of Hazzard TV show (and I guess the movie but who cares about that thing) because the General Lee, a car that’s become iconic and the “poster child” for jumping cars, has the flag on the top, a sigh of their Southern roots. And yet when people of color showed up on the show their skin color was never a factor in how they were treated. Of course, half the people who show up in Hazzard County are crooks and the other half trying to escape the first half, but the point stands that the flag was the only thing even remotely racist about that show and that’s only if you see the flag as racist. Slavery wasn’t the only reason the South seceded, just the crappy one.

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