You know it’s Southern California because of the t-shirts in December, and the palm tree.

I admit we don’t see much of Jeanine since the joke is her boyfriend being strange (and hopefully not offensive), but I didn’t have time to make the turnarounds for Jake’s family like I have the rest of the usual cast. It’s quite possible they’ll show up again about as often as those guys Jake and Leon run into at the comic store or have another storyline. This is probably the least Christmas-y of my Christmas month strips (except for the Christmas day plan and I need to introduce the siblings) but there’s potential here.

Anyway, Kevin. Fun fact about him: when I worked at the grocery store as a cashier before it was bought by a local corporate group, I created this character for signs to promote those cash register charity things we would do. This overcame my natural shyness and it worked because I was a good seller of these things. So now that the store is no more and I didn’t create it for the store (just my register but whomever took over for me in the afternoon hopefully benefited from these little cartoons as I did) I’ve been wanting to use him in this strip. I never had an opening but I like the idea of Jake having a sister and having someone at this get together in a relationship. So Jeanine (who unlike Leroy was created for this storyline, like Jake’s parents) gets a boyfriend, the character finally gets a name, I finally get to use him.

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