And we have one spelling left.

I wasn’t sure what to use as a punchline, and then I remembered the whole debate over Godzilla’s name and decided “when in doubt…Godzilla!” was a good rule to follow.

For the uninformed, the kanji that spells out our favorite monster’s name can be translated into “Gojira” or the more popular “Godzilla”, and yet the purists insist only Gojira is right because dumb Americans have to get it wrong because they don’t care or some crap. They even made the joke in the 90s Godzilla-In-Name-Only movie. And yet it can be “romanized” either way.

In the same vein, Hannukah is also romanized as “Chanukah”, or “Hanukah”, so it’s a matter of how it’s romanized from the original Hebrew. And there’s one more to go, which is good because I don’t know how the internet handles a non-Jew trying to explain a Jewish holiday. 🙂

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