Not to mention having a bad gamer playing you…like me.

Leave it to Leon to be the voice of reason and Jake to be the dreamer. 😀

In all the years I’ve been part of the spriting community (which has sadly gone down since I spend so much time on BW-related stuff, while the community itself lost a number of members after Bob & George ended) this was the first time I scratched built people. It probably shows, but in my further defense I had to sprite something resembling the Jake & Leon style and I think the heads came out pretty good. If anything, it was scratching the villains (taking off of the Super Mario Bros., naturally) that came off bad. In that case I had to rush to get the comic ready for that week. I was putting it up in honor of going over the 2010 Electronic Entertainment Expo reports. I’m not totally dissatisfied with the results.

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