You know Adam and Jamie already have the plans.

Yes, there is a new Mythbusters series, Mythbusters: The Search, on Science Channel. The goal is to find new hosts for Mythbusters after Discovery Channel ended the series. I don’t know the reasons behind it, but there’s a potential new generation of Mythbusters coming and I really like the show. I’m still waiting on MacGuyver and duct tape myths.

As for Linkara’s end, in the storyline of Atop The Fourth Wall he’s been trying to repair his starship, and I thought the duct tape gag was a good one…until I asked him for a reference with both characters and he pointed me to an episode where Linksano specifically says that duct tape won’t be enough. So I had to modify things. I was hoping to continue my own storyline with Jake and Max working on their own comic, but I’m trying to come up with the set-up to the punchline, so I went this back-up plan instead.

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