Except for the wizard.

I tried to fit as many origins as I could. You can bet he’s also a martial artist. As far as the costume design, I really did make it up as I was drawing it. I suppose I should have followed Jake and Max’s lead and actually create a name and costume like they did (and I’ve done before) but it just came to me. And yes, I used the “shorts”. You’ve seen my Captain PSA design, you know I come from the Bronze Age of comics, thus you shouldn’t be surprised. I follow the philosophy of “if a kid can draw it, it’s a good design” but just all white would have been boring.

I took the opporunity to mess to mess with as many Clip Studio Paint tools as I could to get the desired look for the glow of the cosmic rock from another dimension. I think I used two different filters and messed with opacities to pull it off and I like the result. It’s something I really want to do more of.

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