I don’t usually do a “payback” gag, but this one wanted to exist.

There is never a reason to send death threats against story creators unless…you’re a horrible person, really. Be mad all you want, especially if it insults you personally or some strongly-held belief. But death threats over fiction is dumb, and death threats against someone because they’re the “wrong gender” working on “your” game makes you something I can’t repeat in my work. Double that if you go after their family. You deserve your own death threat for that, but that would make THAT threatener as horrible as you. Just…don’t do death threats. Period.

Artistically, I’m starting to leave the coloring in of the eyes in the coloring stage again instead of the line art. For whatever reason the last few comics have been causing the eye coloring in the art to be partially removed and I’ve been coloring it in anyway, so I might as well lose a step. Who knows, maybe I’ll start using eye color again someday. Maybe.

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