Actually that would have made a good Kids Next Door villain.

I believe in turning a negative into a positive. If I’m having trouble coming up with an idea, like the supervillain for Herodude & Enemies, see if I can make a joke about that. It’s a little easier this time because I can blame it on Jake and Max. 😀

I usually draw and/or color during a podcast, like Lean Into Artcast. The drawing actually got done during the week, which is what I’ve been trying to do because being just under the proverbial gun isn’t a good way to run a comic, even one like this comic that’s just for fun and practice. So I actually got the coloring done early, but I can’t letter while listening to people talking or singing. I want to make sure the dialog fits the character as well as the space. So, speaking of practice, I decided to test out some minor shading, something I don’t usually do in the J&L style. What do you think?

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