There, I acknowledged reviewing this book in the comic.

This commentary is for the archives. Around this time I have been reviewing the infamous book by Dr. Fredric Wertham, Seduction Of The Innocent. Unlike my usual Chapter By Chapter reviews these were getting stretched out to multiple parts to ensure I was getting the context right, encouraging the readers to look at an online posting of the book to follow along. I had to take a break at one point because this was so frustrating. This is a man who did not read the comics he was targeting, had a biased view of comics going into his ranting, and seemed to be on a mission to destroy comics because they weren’t books. As both a fan of books and comics it was maddening, but I did manage to find a few points he got right, most of the time being followed by going to far in pushing those points and getting things wrong again.
Wertham gets treated like the Jack Thompson of comics but I think he’s closer to Anita Sarkessian. Actually that’s not even right because she at least appears to know what she’s talking about more than Wertham does. Not much mind you.

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