I know I’m stretching but I wanted to acknowledge it somehow.

I didn’t get to Toys R Us on a regular basis. The nearest one was two towns away. However, losing the last big toy store (not counting the smaller stores Leon mentions, which is usually only good for educational toys and those timeless classics that parents try to hand down to their kids that aren’t the big name figures) is just so sad. You don’t get the same feeling as a kid browsing a website as you do those toy aisles. I have found out about toys I didn’t know about from toy stores more than I have toy sections because Walmart and Target aren’t going to risk the smaller and collector brands that Toys R Us or those that preceded it into oblivion carried.

Why did Toys R Us go down? Apparently it started when the people who bought the company used the company it was buying as collateral for the loan–aka something really stupid!—and it kind of snowballed from there. That was a rather dumb move. Also shopping has become too much of a hassle for adults because everything is a hassle for adults nowadays so they just browse a website or the toy section and feel that’s good. They’ve forgotten what it’s like to be a kid, sometimes on purpose in a few cases, and that’s just sad. No more big toy stores. It’s a loss for future children. Grown-ups ruin everything.

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