Shouldn’t we be living by the good examples others set anyway?


Between allegations of numerous questionable acts, including sexual harassment and assault, from Hollywood, the comic industry, and even Channel Awesome, I saw people losing their taste for movies and reviewing, including those responsible for making them and inspired by those creators. This is a reminder that you stop loving your inspirations simply because they turned out to be horrible people. Maybe it’s because I’ve also looked up to fictional heroes as much as real ones growing up. It’s what they inspired you to do that you shouldn’t give up. Making movies or internet reviews or whatever is what you felt called to do, so do it, and be better people than those who inspired you. Live up to what they failed to be or continue being.

You can’t see it from the results but I did a few things differently with this comic behind the scenes. Each drawing of Jake and the podium was on their own layer (except for one I messed up) but each was also colored on its own layer. I wanted to see if that made things easier to color. In the end it was just an extra step I don’t think I need for this strip. But for a “regular” comic page that has more characters I might need to move around even after coloring it might still be an option. I also played with a few other Clip Studio Paint tools that were a big help and I have a lot more to try out and see what I can do with them.

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