“Max” pretty much explains everything.

So why introduce a space alien into a comic that takes place in a “real world-ish” scene? (Real world being a skit comic that has at least proven to be lacking in the superhero department.) Well (1) that would be typical Max, (2) we’re not convinced we aren’t dealing with a cosplayer, and (3) one of the thing I like about stories where aliens come to Earth is their ability to point at things we take for granted, even Leon, and point out how strange they are. Fizzbin (and if your wondering where the name comes from you aren’t watching enough Star Trek) will serve this purpose, but I probably won’t use the character all that much otherwise.

In addition to Star Trek, see if you can find the other homage I snuck into Leon’s dialog.

Fizzbin’s head design comes from a surprising source by the way: the Honey Nut Cherrios bee. Tell me you don’t see the resemblance now that I brought it up.

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