Remember those brat kids who wanted to prove Santa wasn’t real, so they exposed the Mall Santas in front of other kids and ruin Christmas? Some of them didn’t outgrow that.

I don’t have a problem with people who can’t have good, clean, wholesome fun (depending on what they ACTUALLY do for fun of course). I have a problem with people who will ruin that fun for other people. The internet is full of those and this year they really tried to spread the humbug spirit.

The Rudolph thing I’ve talked about more than once over the years and I wrote a Sing Me A Story article putting “Baby It’s Cold Outside” in its proper context, but in the time of “context is for the weak” blurring the lines line between joke and outrage I doubt they care. Then some photographer takes a picture of her baby in a pink rabbit outfit like in “A Christmas Story” with a fake BB gun and a group of people threw a fit, although it did have defenders. Some people can’t have fun at Christmastime. Maybe if the stores didn’t start promoting the event before Halloween?

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