Taken from Robert Kirkman’s fake pitch for The Walking Dead. Untrue story.

I know this bit about the transporters has been overdone in sci-fi theorizing but I added a zombie. I also decided to put some effort into the transporter room, making it alien to keep it apart from Star Trek (I’ve already done a Star Trek transporter gag so I went with original aliens) and designed something easy but looking decent enough. I wish I could have gotten the transporter operator’s face to show how bored he was with the whole thing until he beams up the zombie but it would have looked weird as he should be watching the display. I had enough trouble finding an angle where he looked like he was watching the readouts considering I couldn’t figure out his ears. I’ve only done five comics featuring elves. You’d think I’d have the back angle of pointed ears down by now.

If you didn’t get the caption gag, Kirkman tricked Image into greenlighting The Walking Dead by saying aliens were the cause of the zombie outbreak despite never intending to bring aliens into the story, while the zombie in this comic is clearly human. Or was. It would amuse me if Kirkman actually did end the series with aliens being involved. I wonder what the reaction to that would be? Although I doubt he has any plans to end it any time soon as of this writing.

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