When you go to Comic-Con and celebrate the local audience NOT buying a product you sell, this is the only answer that fits.

ComiCon 2019: Dan DiDio asks if the attendees were buying the replica reprints of their old comics (that I didn’t even know about until now) he was happy they said no because they’re outselling their current comics. DiDio is so obsessed with his darker DCU (inspired by old Marvel) that he hates anything else selling better. It’s like he doesn’t want to make money for DC Comics unless it’s his rejected vision.

To try to push the visual of this being a Bizarro version of Dan DiDio (if you’re reading this I’m guessing you know who Bizarro is, and yes I just now realized I spelled the title wrong) I used all straight lines to mimic DiDio’s rounder head. I considered giving him hair to further the opposite angle but I thought that was a bit much and wanted to make sure he looked like DiDio.

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