I think we all need something silly about now.

I was getting tired of only talking about the Covid-19 pandemic and shutdown plus the riots that stopped being about George Floyd pretty much when they started. I’d been wanting to do something with that Herodude & Enemies idea but I kept having other things to talk about. Since the entertainment industry isn’t having the prefered brand of stupidity for a discussion topic it’s been difficult. So I finally opted to give this Herodude story idea a push through. It works similar to the “Marvel Wars” arc I did some years ago: three panels of the comic Jake and Max worked on, with the fourth panel Leon commenting on it, because I still have the “each comic must star at least one of the title characters” rule. (It bugs me when comic strips go whole weeks without the title character at least being a small part of the story, even if it fleshes out someone in the supporting cast.)

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