One thing I learned doing this comic: my current skill level isn’t up to drawing in the Looney Tunes art style, even with how-tos.

Not kidding. I looked up guides for drawing Bugs and Daffy for this one and it so clashed with how I do the skeletal pose model that I couldn’t get it right. Maybe if I have to do it again. Instead it looks like mascots in cheap costumes.

This was after announcements that Elmer would get his rifle back in season 2 of their Looney Tunes shorts. I’m not sure why they bothered taking it away given how undeadly the rifle seems to be for Daffy, Elmer, and other Bugs foes. And yet Bugs always treats being shot like we normal people would. That sends a few different messages, like “how do the villains survive this and what does that say about evil?”.

Also, an alternate title for this would have been “Elmer’s Got A Gun”, a play on the song “Jainie’s Got A Gun”, but considering that’s about a girl who kills her sexually abusive father I figured it was in poor taste.

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