Even though 2021 did its best to stop me, I still made it to #500!

For the 500th strip I updated the comic logo. For example, the images of Jake and Leon were rather outdated compared to how my skills have grown. I didn’t just want to swap out the heads though so I fixed the text as well.

The two sprites are (l to r) ShadowWing and his secret identity Tronix, the source of my screeenname (well, that’s the short version anyway) and the main character(s) of Tales From The Spriteverse, my failed sprite comic. “ShadowWing” also served as my avatar in Main: The Comic, a group project sprite comic that took place in the virtual world of the Bob & George forums. (He had a TARDIS with a working chameleon circuit, but I never got the chance to finish that background.) I started making sprite comics because I couldn’t draw at a level I wanted to share with the world wide web. After getting in enough practice I was finally read to try a drawn comic, with Jake and Leon being the results of me messing around and liking what I drew. So they became the stars and title characters of my first drawn comic that I was willing to share with others.

Here we are 500 comics and a few Christmas specials later, one of those specials bringing in Bill, Meredith, and Beth. Max was intended as a one-shot character but ended up part of the cast, while Fizzbin was a joke that just felt like a good addition. There have been a couple of recurring characters but this is the main cast.

I also brought in Herodude, who was also made for the comic, and two other comic characters that I probably wouldn’t be able to work on before making on this comic. Working on Jake & Leon allowed me to grow as a creator, so adding Bryce from Captain Yuletide and Captain PSA, two other comic creations for BW Media Spotlight, is further tribute to what this comic has done for me.

I also considered adding Superman, Spider-Man, the first Green Ranger from Power Rangers, and maybe some other characters from other media who made multiple appearances in this comic. Ultimately I thought it was too many characters in the comic so I dropped them. I think it was the right call.

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