Imagine that as a cover to a comic with a better artist.

It still bothers me that tom King killed off The Protector for shock value, and made him a drug user due to his desire to damage every hero he gets his hands on. The Protector is a DC hero created for the anti-drug PSA because Robin was part of a line of cookies by one company while the PSAs were being sponsored by another cookie company and for some odd reason there were concerns. I think they could have done something good with him in the DC universe proper but never really did. Tiny Titans did more with him than the main DCU. Plus, with Snowflame reaching internet fame why would you not want your anti-drug superhero fighting your drug-pushing supervillain?

I’m not a fan of that panel personally. I tried a new method of designing character heads since this comic is partially art testing for me. I don’t think it worked quite as well as I’d hoped. I may work with it some more in sketches but otherwise I probably won’t use it in a comic again unless I can make it work.

I also altered the strip template so I can finally add credits to the comics. Now you know who made it. It was meeeee.

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